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Exclusive: Mario Dedivanovic Unveils Makeup by Mario Brand

Dedivanovic will launch the brand at Sephora, where he began his career 20 years ago.

Photo by Rich Begany

Mario Dedivanovic’s makeup line is here.

Two years ago, the famed makeup artist told WWD he would one day launch a line of his own. Much has changed since 2018, but Dedivanovic’s persistence has been a constant.

On Oct. 1, Makeup by Mario, Dedivanovic’s first beauty brand, bows direct-to-consumer and at Sephora with a 21-sku collection of eye makeup products. The range was created for cosmetics enthusiasts of all levels, from casual Sephora shoppers to professional makeup artists, and the initial lineup is a nod to Dedivanovic’s signature technique. Those who know his work know he always begins makeup with the eyes.

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