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Rihanna Holds Court Poolside at Fenty Puma Coachella Party

Held at a house not far from the festival, the party was complete with ATVs and a slide.

Photo by Chelsea Lauren for WWD

How does one throw a successful pool party at Coachella? Take a page from the book of Rihanna, who pulled one off without a hitch on Saturday — and without ever formally giving out the address.

Held at a house not far from the festival, the party lived up to what one might hope it would. There was a DJ playing Rihanna, a mini-store selling Rihanna’s latest line, a small arena for ATV racing, a slide and, naturally, a pool around which Rihanna and her friends — Leonardo DiCaprio, The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky and French Montana, to name a few — sipped drinks in white tents.

Upon arrival, Rihanna and her crew turned the driveway into a catwalk, parting the crowd for her to strut her way straight to the DJ booth. There, she danced, posed and held court at the late afternoon fete.

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