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Marni Senofonte: From Norma Kamali’s Assistant to Beyoncé’s Head Stylist

How the creative helped craft the image of today's most famous artist.

Photo by Krista Schleuter for WWD

Marni Senofonte is as colorful in person as she is on social media. She shows up to our interview wearing pink Gucci lurex pants, a white, loose-fitting tank top and baby blue Adidas sneakers that she quickly trades for Gucci platform heels. She’s shunned uniforms ever since her Catholic school days, which is why she refuses to conform to New York’s all-black dress code. In fact, she hasn’t worn black in 20 years.

“That started with Norma Kamali,” she explains. “She did a ban on black for one season and since then, I’ve never purchased anything black for myself — underwear, socks, pantyhose, anything.”

Born and raised in Scranton, Pa., Senofonte was always itching to leave. Her wish was granted when she got accepted into Emerson College in Boston. Following her graduation, she moved to New York and landed her first job with designer Norma Kamali, where she worked her way up from a sales associate to public relations director and Kamali’s assistant. “For someone who didn’t even know what the hell they were doing, it was a huge job,” she says.

Published on March 6, 2017 by WWD

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