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Jennifer Lopez Bottles Famous Glow for JLo Beauty

"What I wanted to do for this initial line was to provide simple skin care that is about natural beauty and feeling great in your own skin," Lopez said.

Photo by Ana Carballosa for JLo Beauty

The most common question Jennifer Lopez has been asked for the last 30 years is this: What is your skin-care routine?

The answer involves a combination of health-minded practices — living and eating well and, yes, you must remember to apply sunscreen daily. That which ties it all together, though, is Lopez’s philosophy on beauty.

“I’ve always used the quote, ‘Until you’re 25, you get the face God gave you. After that, you get the face you deserve,'” Lopez told WWD in a recent phone call. “I always found that quote to be profound. You want to be beautiful on the inside because that’s going to show on the outside.”

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