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How Low-fi Content Is Driving High Sales Growth

Bobbi Brown, Jenna Lyons, Trinny Woodall and others are harnessing the power of home-created social media content to drive sales.

Photo by Amy Lombard for WWD

Content is still king, pandemic notwithstanding.

The coronavirus has restricted traditional modes of revenue, but it hasn’t stopped the flow of content. On the contrary, it has accelerated it.

Social media engagement shot up last spring, when people found themselves on their couches, going live. Instagram Live views spiked by 70 percent, Facebook reported, with beauty and fashion influencers experiencing as much as a 50 percent increase in engagement that spilled over to sponsored content, too.

Beauty brands leaned into the craze, which had been percolating for years but boomed at the onset of the global health crisis. Nearly one year later, brands have adapted to the new way of meeting their customers where they are—at home.

For Bobbi Brown, content has always had a direct correlation to sales. When Brown used to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s TV network, OWN, any product she talked about would sell out instantly.

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