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Eyes On: Diet Prada

The cutthroat fashion Instagram account is known for calling out designers for, as its bio says, "knocking each other off." But who's behind it?

Screenshot of Diet Prada's Instagram

Name: Diet Prada

Age: Unknown

Hails From: Instagram

Résumé: More than 30,000 followers (and counting); an Instagram takeover on Gucci’s official handle

Why We Care: What happens when an Instagram account is your own worst critic? For Alessandro Michele, the answer was easy: invite whoever runs it to take over Gucci’s official handle.

Diet Prada, a must-follow for fashion lovers, has become a runway referee that calls out designers for, as its bio says, “knocking each other off.” The account was one of the first to point out the similarities between Michele’s 2018 Gucci resort collection and the designs of Harlem tailor Dapper Dan. Its founder recently took a meeting with APC’s Jean Touitou and was invited to Miu Miu’s show at Paris Fashion Week.

Diet Prada’s razor-sharp references indicate that its founder is a fashion historian through and through, and its no-holds-barred approach makes it clear that no one in the industry is safe. So who’s the brains behind the blows? We may never know, though this much has been revealed: it’s a fashion insider who prefers to remain anonymous.

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