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Did the Fyre Festival Influencers Do Their Due Diligence?

The festival that wasn't is rearing its ugly head once more thanks to Netflix and Hulu, causing some to ask whether the influencers were responsible participants.

Screenshot of Bella Hadid's Instagram

It was genius in theory, but in practice, Fyre Festival proved a debacle of unprecedented proportions.

The 2017 festival that started with a buzzy influencer campaign and deteriorated into a cheese sandwich has come back into the news cycle courtesy of Netflix and Hulu. The documentaries incited action, including a GoFund Me campaign that raised nearly $220,000 for the festival’s caterers, and as some influencers have been issued subpoenas, the conversation has since turned to them.

Fyre Festival has become an example of what not to do, as those in influencer marketing continue to map out a murky, but lucrative space. It’s been nearly two years since the festival imploded, but it’s more relevant than ever to ask: Did the influencers do their due diligence?

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