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Demand for Transparency Has Beauty Brands Talking

Consumers' quest for knowledge — about ingredients, DE&I efforts, pricing philosophy and more — are driving brands to share more than they ever have.

Photo by Julia Comita for WWD

The most in-demand thing in beauty right now isn’t a product — it’s transparency.

Transparency is information-sharing by a brand to differentiate itself within the market and cultivate trust with consumers. The type of information shared varies in nature depending on the brand — a clean brand is likely to practice ingredient transparency while a brand that prides itself on affordability is apt to share its pricing philosophy. Some brands openly share information about every aspect of their business.

What’s consistent, though, is the motivation to share: Consumers, particularly Gen Zers, want to know as much information as possible about the products they’re buying and the companies they’re patronizing, and their demands have beauty brands talking.

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