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Darker Skin Tones Are Underrepresented on Social Media, Report Says

Eyecue's report disproves the thinking that posts featuring darker skin tones don't perform well.

Photo by Kali Ledger

A new report adds data to the conversation about beauty’s colorism problem.

It’s no secret the industry has long followed a colorist belief system — one that was most publicly challenged by the seismic launch of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty. Conversations about colorism in beauty have largely relied on anecdotal information shared via social media or within inner circles. That information now has analytics to back it up.

Eyecue, an AI-powered social media analytics platform and consultancy founded by Carolina Bañales, released a report this month underscoring the lack of skin-tone representation by beauty brands on social media. Applying image recognition technology to more than 150,000 beauty Instagram posts, Eyecue found that dark skin tones appear in only 13 percent of portrait images.

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