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Brands Turn to Microinfluencers, as Supers Struggle With Relatability

Coronavirus gaffes by superinfluencers are causing brands to lean into the micro pool.

Collage by Jillian Sollazzo for WWD

Superinfluencers may be posting themselves out of relevancy during the coronavirus.

In April, a series of missteps from influencer Arielle Charnas landed her in hot water on social media. After securing a test for COVID-19 through personal connections, Charnas revealed to her 1.3 million Instagram followers that she had indeed tested positive for the coronavirus. The influencer proceeded to break New York City’s shelter-in-place mandate to temporarily relocate to the Hamptons, prompting online backlash for what her followers deemed a reckless decision. Her husband, Brandon, inserted himself into the drama, calling followers “irrelevant” in direct messages, according to screenshots.

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